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Gear Guide

Austin Harman Mixes guide to audio, video and lighting gear for 2024.


Austin’s 2023 Christmas Recommendation:

“The Focal Clear over-ear headphones are an exceptional addition to any studio, broadcast, or high-fi listening setup. The clarity, build quality, and wearability are second to none.”

Focal CLEAR Over-Ear High-Resolution Audiophile Headphones (Gray)$$$Focal Clear Headphones

Digital Mixers

Austin’s 2023 Christmas Recommendation:

“The Allen and Heath avantis is the perfect match of functionality, build quality, price point, flexibility, and dependability for any application. Allen and heath has made a winning product.”

Allen and Heath Avantis$$Allen and Heath Avantis

Order from The Penn Group

Studio Monitors

Austin’s 2023 Christmas Recommendation:

“The Focal ST6 monitors exceed focal’s legendary reputation for quality, price point, and accuracy. hands down recommendation.”

Focal Professional ST6 Solo6 Studio Monitors$$$$Focal Studio Monitors

Austin harman mixes may earn a small commission for purchases linked on this page. Austin harman mixes was not compensated for the recommendation.

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